What Does Mom Really Need?

There is so much we are supposed to buy as a new mom that the shopping experience can be overwhelming.

 My principle is simple - buy quality, not quantity and make sure you buy only what's really needed. If you're like me, aesthetics are high priority as well, but this does not mean you have to spend a million dollars and it also doesn't mean you have to buy LOTS of items.

What IS really needed? How do we know what we will and will not use until we get there?

Well, the best thing you can do is ask other moms and get other opinions. Ask moms you trust and ask moms who share similar values and style.

Here's my quick advice:

Strollers - Buy 2. Something cheap and easy (The Maclaren) and then something more durable and for jogging or outings (The Bob). Both of which you can buy used on Craigslist or look for sales - you have 9 months to do it, so stay on top of it.

High Chair - I recommend one with a tray option. If you're like me, aesthetics play a role and you don't want the cheap ugly one. Actually, it's not even cheap, it's $93.00! We have the Tripp Trapp and I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a table for the child to sit at that's near the kitchen like the photo below.


We don't have this option, so we need something with a tray. Bloom Baby makes modern ones and a girlfriend of mine has a Svan and she seems to love it. 

Another great idea is to get a temporary/portable booster seat like so. It's inexpensive and gives you some time to figure out which high chair works best for your family. 

Crib - OK, so this is my favorite item. There are very few GREAT cribs out there. Our son has the Oeuf crib and that was a tough decision on my end. It's my favorite crib and always has been. So, for me, it was a no brainer and it's where I chose to spend extra money. However, you don't need to spend a ton of money on a modern looking crib. But, your options are limited. IKEA's Gulliver crib is a great looking simple crib. I'm not sure how durable a $99.99 crib will be. I am sure it will last a few years though and that's really all you need unless you're planning on having a few kids in a row (as I did). Or there's the affordable modern DwellStudio line for Target (which now makes all kinds of bedding and clothes as well for babies). 

There are also less "modern" cribs and more contemporary ones such as the Graco Ashley or Graco Sarah Cribs which are affordable as well. 

Bouncers - After much research I found that