The Diaper Dilemma


So, I'd like to open discussion on what everybody thinks about diapers. I had a hard time getting into the wool and cloth diapers and would like to hear some feedback. 

I started off with cloth but found it to be quite the challenge. I think most of the challenge for me was that the diapers were wet after each pee. I found myself changing my son every hour or every 20 minutes. 

My second issue is that I don't do laundry as often as you might think. I probably do it once, maybe twice a week. Pathetic, I know. 

I find the Seventh Generation disposable diapers from the health food store to be the best bet for me. Hey, even Nicole Richie likes them. (that's supposed to be a joke)

A girlfriend of mine actually buys diapers and wipes online. She claims they arrive at her door about 24-48 hours after she orders them. Not a bad idea. She also says it saves her money and time? 

Please stay away from Pampers and such brands. These diapers are full of perfumes, dies and chlorine. Some babies get terrible break-outs from it. In fact, a girl I met recently said her son is highly allergic. When she called Pampers to ask what they used to make the diapers, they would not disclose such information. Hmmmm, can't be good. 

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