My midwife is always saying to me - "EAT MORE PROTEIN AND SALT!!!" I am a vegetarian (for the most part, minus some raw fish once a week) that rarely consumes cheese/diary. 

Believe it or not, by eating more greens, nuts, seeds and less of the fillers like sugar, flour, breads and cereals, the protein really adds up.

Fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, sea vegetables, young coconuts, nut butters and nut milks all contain protein. If you eat some vegetables one day, sure, that won't cover your protein needs. However, by eating and array of these vegetarian sources and less of the fillers you will be on your way to getting adequate protein.

Eat less filler foods - like crackers and cereal - and more produce and and you'll naturally be getting more protein.

Of course there are those vegetarians who eat mainly pasta, rice, crackers, cereal and bread. Those people will be very deficient in protein. It's all about the types of foods you eat. 

Even meat eaters, they need to make the right food choices, too. People who eat meat, may get a lot of protein from the meat sources, but the other foods in their diet might be pasta and bread and cereal - all filler those foods that lack other crucial nutrients like vitamins, enzymes and minerals (protein) that help a baby develop and grow. Instead of these foods choose greens, zucchini squash, sprouted grains, etc. It's just a different way of looking at food.

A lot of people, for example, are shocked to find out our kookie karma kookies (which are free of filler foods) contain as much protein as some protein bars!!! Who would have though - you can eat a cookie as a protein supplement!

Once you change your eating habits to consume more of the nutrient rich foods you'll find you crave less meat and feel completely satisfied.