Omega 3s, Protein and Sea Salt



These are a few of my favorite things!! Luckily they are just what the doctor (or midwife) ordered. 

My girlfriend recently emailed me a link to this study talking about the benefits of omega-3 fatty-acids during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. According to the study of Inuit women in the Canadian Arctic, "babies develop better visual, cognitive and motor development compared with babies whose mothers don't get as much omega-3s. The researchers measured the nutrient in umbilical cord blood and assessed the babies' development at 11 months." 

Omega-3s are critical for everybody -- men, woman and babies alike. My son drinks goats milk mixed with carrot juice and flax oil every day and he's loving it. 

In fact, omega-3s are also great for preventing postpartum depression and of course keeping the skin soft and heart healthy. 

Try adding flax oil on your greens in place of olive oil or throwing some in with your morning smoothie. If you can't find a way to add it into your diet, then go ahead and take the soft pill supplements. But, if you're worried about the fat content, then I'd suggest adding it to your diet in place of other fats.

Always keep the oil refrigerated, do not store at room temperature. 

Ground flax seeds are a great option as well and so is fish.  
Here's a few good raw fruit/veggie recipes I make at home:


2 c almond milk 
1 banana
1 c Frozen Mango
3 Tbl Agave Nectar
1 tsp Flax Oil

Combine all ingredients. Mix on high until smooth. 

Kale & Lemon Salad:

1 head kale
1 lemon or more
1/4 c olive oil
1 Tbl
1 Tbl sea salt

1 avocado
toasted sesame seeds

Combine all ingredients and let soak for an hour. Great for lunch. 

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