Skateboard For Christmas

My son has been saying the word "skateboard" ever since he rode on one at Thanksgiving {thank goodness for cousins}. So, we have been searching and searching for one.

We don't overplay or push the whole Santa thing but we like to use him when we can as a means to ensure good behavior. :) This is probably a no-no to some parents but it works for us during desparate times. I also like to tell fun Santa stories at bedtime. But I only say that Santa brings one gift and it's that simple. Nothing too crazy. Just sort of fun and imaginative. 

Pierce does say the word Santa, so at least I know he's been listening to my bedtime stories, but then again he says everything and anything that comes out of my mouth {i.e. "email" and "annoying" and "wine"}. He's a whopping 18 months old!

Anyways, just thought I would share a fun photo of him shopping for skateboards! And a quick photo of Santa - to share some holiday spirit.