JOIA! :: For Your Body To Enjoy!

I came across these lovely products while perusing the internet  this morning. 

I fell in love with their really natural, well-design packaging but also with their moto:

"Keep it simple!"

The products' ingredients are sustainably harvested from the lush rainforests of Brasil. Their high quality ingredients include premium moisturizing rainforest oils and butters, organic base oils, and all-natural botanical scents. According to their web site:

Knowing that our bodies absorb a significant amount of what we put on our skin, we feel it is wise to utilize the natural ingredients provided by the earth. 

We use no synthetic ingredients, no artificial fragrances, and no parabens. Nothing but the natural oils, butters, and scents provided by nature. The lush rainforests of Brazil contain an abundance of unique botanical oils which are rich in nutrients beneficial to your skin, with natural skin-nourishing, skin-toning, and anti-aging properties.

Interesting fact:
Since 2007, Joia has planted 1 tree in the Atlantic Rainforest for every online order.

They also use Biodegradable and recyclable packaging.