Trip to NYC

I made a trip to NYC this week, which I do almost every year, and visited some of my favorite places. It is such a great place to be during the Fall (not too cold yet, just crisp air, and beautiful trees) because we don't get too many seasons out here in sunny San Diego (not complaining).

I stayed at the Hudson Hotel which was awesome as always. I brought just ONE of my babies (Roman). The other stayed home :(

The Hudson is a GREAT hotel, the rooms are small, but we had a room with two bed and an extra area for Roman, which was KEY. The main bar area is also a fun place to people watch. The dancing late-night is a really entertaining scene.

We visited both Raw Food restaurants and also some diners (which can be surprisingly healthy) and upscale restaurants. Afterall, we LOVE food.  

One Lucky Duck was great! Hadn't ever been. This is where I got my green juice fix and coconut water by the quart. They use the Norwalk Juicer ($10 for one juice) and wow, those greens were good. I did try some awesome desserts just for fun, but that wasn't my main focus. But let me tell you, the desserts will knock your socks off. You won't believe they are raw.

Organic Avenue, was small, but had great options there, too. Again, good for a superfood raw fix.

Gemma was where we met a group of friends. This place was super intimate and cozy. The wine was GREAT and the food was definitely "comforting" if you know what I mean. But they too had some healthy and yummy options.

Of course, I HAD to go stop by Giggle. And OF COURSE I had to BUY a few things. Books, high chair (in chocolate) and a few others

The Coffee Shop was a really cool, diner-style restaurant but with some great mid-century modern aspects. It had GREAT food (I wasn't going to eat but ended up with avocado, side of garlic kale and 2 poached eggs - I eat eggs when I travel but make sure to get them POACHED).

We took our son EVERYWHERE except for Gemma. The do have baby seats, and welcome the little ones, but we thought it would be best to have one night out alone.

We had a great time.