{RAW} Gingerbread Men

When I was a little girl I actually remember going to Kindergarten one day and making a gingerbread man {a really large one}. At some point in the day, I think during our nap time, Mr Gingerbread ran away. I clearly remember being a little sad but also a little bewildered; How did the cookie run away? Did he really come to life? How exciting! I wanted to believe that he did. But he was nowhere to be found! We had looked all over for him. We thought he was gone forever until...

About 1 hour later, he returned? We were ecstatic. 

Cookies are a HUGE part of the holiday season as we all know. But so is junkfood. Do we really need to eat a bunch of sugar and flour in order to have some cookie cutter fun? 

NO. We don't. 

My son and I made some awesome looking gingerbread men out of pure nuts and dates and ginger. I really don't think it was the flour he was excited about, I think it was the little man and the stars that he got to eat!

The Gingerbread Recipe:

6c cashews
6T maple sugar powder
8 dates
5t ginger powder
celtic sea salt
1 vanilla bean

First, soak 3 cups of cashews in filtered water for an hour. In the meantime, chop up 3 cups of dry cashews and maple sugar powder, vanilla bean and sea salt. Blend until all chunks are gone (until you get like a powder consistency). Then put in a bowl and set aside. 

Next, blend the 3 cups of wet cashews with the 8 dates until smooth. Add the dry mixture and blend again until you get almost a dry dough. 

Third, spread dough onto teflex about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch thick. 

Fourth, press away and use extra dough to form ginger balls!