Eco Holiday Gifts :: {Most Are} On Sale!


Here are some of my favorite holiday gift buys that are eco-friendly and/or ON SALE. Like what you see? Hurry sales end soon.  

1 my son wore this patagonia bunting outfit at about 11 months old all the way through our Europe adventures. you must get one | 2 these wreaths are eco-friendly and very lovely | 3 organic baby bjorn carrier. why wasn't this around last year? {i am still in love with the baby bjorn even though all the new cool ergos and wraps are now available} | 4 i do not have this solar powdered charger for the short-lived iphone battery | 5 this is one of my favorite plant pots. it's on sale right now at  | 6 wood and bamboo iphone cases by vers audio. love it! | 7 i have this rocker in white. it's classic and timeless. on sale now at | 8 i have been meaning to get my house totally stocked with only the home-made natural cleaners. finally found a great way to get started | 9 i have these pillows in brown. totally eco-friendly, modern and comfy. i love them in white. 20% off right now at