Pregnancy Cravings! And Axe The Restaurant.

I loved being pregnant (minus the first trimester), mainly because of my RAGING appetite. One of my favorite meals was at AXE (I ate there quite a few times during both pregnancies), located in Venice, Ca. I am a San Diego dweller, so you can imagine the 2 hour drive. I couldn't WAIT!

The food is not necessarily RAW, nor is it Vegan or even Vegetarian for that matter. But it's Local and Organic (meat and veggies alike). I love that about it. You could take ANYBODY there and everybody would be pleased. 

I also like them because:

  • they deliver kitchen scraps for compost back to the farm, contributing to the creation of healthy soil
  • they buy their bulk staples from an organic distributor such as: grains, flour, dried beans and oils
  • they source as many organic products as possible including wine and beer
  • they use a reverse-osmosis filtration system to purify our water – which is the only purification system that removes fluoride from the drinking water
  • they use bio-degradable take-out containers, cleansers and laundry soaps
  • they use post consumer waste paper products
  • they recycle their trash favorite thing was the arugula and shaved parmesan salad - with a lemon/olive oil/pepper dressing. So simple and yet so divine. I would get it with either brown rice or quinoa. 

The hot ginger tea is awesome (first trimester - helps with morning sickness) and add some honey - the perfect drink!

Morning scones are to DIE for. Literally. They are hot from the oven, filled with raisins and nuts. Oh wow, I want one now. 

Anyways, if you happen to stumble upon AXE any time soon and if you HAPPEN to be pregnant and wanting to eat healthy - PLEASE you can't skip it!