Mesh Baby Teething Feeder Toy Gadget Thing!


(image via amazon)

If you're already an experienced mom, I'm sure you've seen these things. But if you're pregnant with the first, or a brand new mom then READ UP! You gotta get one of these baby sucker net things. :) I'm not really sure what to call them. But you get the idea. Right?

You put food in the net portion of the gadget and then let the baby have at it. It was designed to a) give a baby something fun to hold and also something to suck on that tastes good and b) to allow kids to try fruits without worrying that the large pieces will get lodged in the baby's throat. 

Now if you're thinking "GREAT IDEA, why didn't I think of that?" you're normal. That's the exact quote taken from a dozen moms and dads who have seen this item for the first time. 

It's genius. Great for airplane rides because it keeps them occupied and also encourages swallowing, which helps keep ears clear. Make sure you get one with a lid otherwise you have a sticky wet mess on your hands (literally)!

I found this image on the internet - how cute is that? He's the perfect age for these things - about 6 months. 


(photo via: Jenson Ching)