Oh! ... The Moses Basket



I'm all for the co-sleeping (baby in bed with us) and that's how I did it with my first son, Pierce. But when baby #2, Roman, came along it was a whole different story.

Roman, the sweetest, calmest, smiliest baby on the Planet (no joke) was also the LOUDEST sleeper and also the LIGHTEST sleeper. Not a good combo for co-sleeping.

It was torture having him in bed; Neither I, nor he, got any sleep. My slightest movements would wake him and his LOUD, VERY PECULIAR grunting noises would keep me up ALL night long. 

Concerned by his grunts, I remember turning the lights quite a few times on to see what those odd noises were all about (I seriously thought he had something very wrong with him or was in some sort of pain). When i turned on the light he would be lying calmly as ever, just sleeping away. And then 5 minutes later, SAME THING (lights on, check him, he's fine). And finally, when I did fall asleep, Romam would wake crying and ready to feed again. UGH. 

Needless to say, this cycle got VERY old VERY quickly.

I decided that I HAD to get a Moses basket and MOVE him somewhere far far away. Under normal circumstances and in a perfect I would have him next to me all night long, sleeping peacefully together. But, NO WAY! I put him in the laundry room, the closet and the bathroom. Anywhere in the Moses basket, just not next to me.

In the end, it all worked out just fine (ok, I wouldn't say END, I still get up with him once a night at least). Now 5 months later, he's a silent, pretty deep sleeper. It just took some time but THANK GOODNESS I made the decision I did (a day of no sleep is one thing but day after day after day of being totally sleep-deprived is not anything I want a part of - nor does else that knows me). 

Moses baskets are also great because they are so mobile. You can bring them up and downstairs, room to room, etc. very easily. Also, you might want to throw it in the car if you're planning an overnight with relatives. Easier and more convenient than a bassinet.


Here is a few VERY cool, basic organic basket:


Here are a few etsy finds (always REALLY adorable and unique and affordable):

sherbert twist


wicker & linen

Overstock.com has great deals right now, if you're looking:

- sherpa orange suede

- natural with comforter