Corn Chowder


Another recipe created after a long drive home from Newport Beach today. I thought to myself, how could I make a really great, fresh, semi-warm, sweet corn soup that's all raw? I thought to myself - what could replace butter and cream? Cashews and Coconut, of course. So I decided to use a young coconut as well as some coconut oil along with cashew milk (strained - 2 cups cashews to 3 cups water - blended and strained).

Then I thought, hmmmm, any other veggies or herbs or spices? YES, it needs a touch of heat. But what time of heat? A little chipotle or maybe just a jalapeno? What about chili flakes? And then herbs or veggies? NO. I thought I could top off the soup with some fresh herbs and peppers but nothing inside the soup. I wanted just sweet creamy corn.

So here's the final outcome {It turned out totally awesome by the way - like one of the best soups I have had in a long time}:

Serving Size 2


4 ears of sweet white (or yellow) corn
1 young coconut (all of the meat and water to texture - use half and then add more if needed)
2c cashew milk 
1T coconut oil (really high quality kind that tastes like fresh coconut) OR olive oil if you don't have it
1tsp agave nectar (just a touch)
sea salt
chili flakes
basil or taragon or even cilantro
chopped red bell pepper

Mix all of the soup ingredients together in your Vitamix, leave some fresh corn to add in a the end. Blend until smooth.

Add the left over corn, blend again but only for a second, for some texture. Top with herbs and red bell pepper.

YUM. Enjoy!