Bien-etre Spa


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For those of you who don't know Bien-etre Spa, Jennifer Laz is the main esthetician and she knows her stuff. {she uses this crazy ultrasound machine when she does certain facials, it incorporates heat and a water-pic type of thing - don't even ask}. You will leave her office looking younger and more energized and hydrated. Totally worth it. 

Attention PREGNANT woman! GET A FACIAL. It's like a massage only better. I had about 3 each pregnancy {if not more}. They make a wonderful gift as well for anybody who KNOWS a pregnant woman :)

Just look at her services: menu

Not only are the services amazing, but... 

"We believe that aiding in the well-being of someone or something in need boosts our own well-being and happiness. A portion of every sale and every facial at bien-etre goes toward aiding the well-being of our planet and our global neighbors through two great organizations. By supporting the health of your skin, you are also taking part in supporting the health of our planet!" 


Jennifer also has her own online store - you can buy her products there. She uses only best, purest, organic stuff! GET SOME!