Cosmetic Database - How Do YOU Score?

(photo via beautycosmopolite)

OK, listen up pregnant ladies (dads and and moms alike) it's time to re-think your cosmetic bag. More and more studies are showing that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies (ok so for some that's old news). Well now that you got the memo, what are you waiting for? Besides extra cash, some of us are waiting for GOOD HEALTHY PRODUCTS to show up on the market. Afterall, what's the point of makeup if it's going to look bad? Or face creams if they don't do the job? Ha.

I have been very obsessive about trying to find the best makeup lately - mineral makeup, organic mascara, healthy lip glasses, and so on! Here's my list of makeup products that live in my cosmetic bag.

Bare Escentuals mineral face powder (soon to be replaced with Jane Iredale)

Bare Escentuals mineral bronzing powder (soon to be replaced with Jane Iredale)

nvey organic mascara

concealer: RMS Beauty's organic 'un-cover' coverup - this gets a GREAT Score by the way and it's AWESOME!!!

Burt's Bees Lip Simmers

nvey ECO cake eye liner

Sounds like I'm doing pretty well. Or am I? According to the Cosmetic Database, I am averaging about a 3 on the TOXIC scale. Not too bad considering some products get a 7!

But looks like I need to get a little better with my makeup choices. OR stop wearing it altogether! Ugh.

How do YOU score?

TIP: STAY AWAY FROM FRAGRANCE! Very few things get scores of 10 on the toxic chart, but FRAGRANCES always get it! Especially deodorant!