Raw Chocolate Souffle ... OH MY!


Tonight I made an awesome chocolate souffl�. Honestly one of the best things I've ever eaten at 8:30pm. It's full of raw cacao powder, superfoods, raw honey and coconut butter. OH WOW! A dream food that is SO healthy for you? Can't be real.

It's taken me a few tries to perfect this recipe. 

In a Vitamix Blend the following:

1c raw cacao powder

1/2c lucuma and maca powder mixed

4Tbls coconut oil

2Tbls cacao butter

1/4c raw honey

1/4c raw maple syrup powder

2tsp celtic sea salt

YUMMMMMMMMM. In addition it almost tastes warm after you blend in the Vitamix. My son loves it...for dessert. A little treat (better than m&ms, that's for sure).