My Love For...


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Ok, ok, so I LOVE food and I know more about food than most people should EVER know. I know about great ingredient combinations; I can think of recipes while driving my car and whip it up in 1 hour from that moment; I don't mean to brag, but I KNOW food. I know the reason why we need organic, fresh foods rather than supplements to keep our immune systems healthy and why GMOs might help the farmers and the markets but also are killing the people and the planet. I know why we choose to eat cookies over fruit and warm food over cold salads. I know why we don't drink wine and WHY WE DO!

I LOVE FOOD! I LOVE TO COMBINE FOOD, HEAT FOOD, NOT HEAT FOOD, BLEND FOOD, AND EAT FOOD. It's my passion, my forte. It will cripple me at the same time that it glorifies me and motivates me. Food can humble me but also highlight me. 

It's in my blood and in my genes. Sorry my little boys, but you'll most likely be culinary chefs or maybe just good healthy cooks and every little girl will want to date you :) SORRY!

Gosh, what a tangent that was. The point of this post is actually to tell everybody about my other real love: architecture and design. Not food design, not packaging design, but HOME ARCHITECTURE. Ok, maybe restaurant architecture and design! I do love that as well. Wine should be poured into a nice large, thin glass! Something expensive and beautiful and delicate. That's how I drink wine, if I do.

So yes, I do appreciate design in many realms.

I started a blog awhile back (about 4 years) called It was short lived and still exists but hasn't been touched for years. I am afraid to delete is but also afraid to post on it. I really don't know much about architecture except that I know what I like and what I dislike and that one day I will build my own home. YUP. It's in the forseeable future, but not quite at my fingertips.

Until's research time and I HAVE DECIDED TO POST ON THIS SITE my favorite places and ideas. So bare with me. In case you could CARE LESS about homes and care more about food - please, be patient with me. 

oh and that photo above is a TREE house! I'm super jealous.
--- JULI