Pesto Pasta Dish


For all of you who are not 100% raw but like to eat gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and soy-free, and with the freshest ingredients possible (or at least trying to OR who are not trying to and just like yummy gourmet food), I have a great recipe that (tastes just like the original) I created last night. I decided that the boys in my life deserved some hearty, warm, comfort food (it's one of the first cool days in SD this Fall). 

gluten-free rice spaghetti noddles

Sauce (sauce is RAW):

1c raw pine nuts
1c fresh basil
1/2c olive oil
3 lemons, juice only
1Tbls nutritional yeast
6 garlic cloves

 Cook 2/3 box of noodles in boiling water (follow box instructions). Blend all "sauce" ingredients in the Cuisinart until smooth. When pasta is hot and ready to serve, add sauce and enjoy. Top with fresh basil!

Of course it's always great to add a fresh tossed salad with tons of avocado.

GREAT for pregnancy cravings and/or very hungry men! The sauce is so nutritional and raw, so you can feel good about eating this and feeling really full.

TOTAL COST (pine nuts are expensive): $15 and serves three adults plus my 17 month old.