Happy Foody :: Smoothie Kids


(photo via happyfoody)

Just came across this blog and really like what it has to say. Most posts are right up my alley and I especially liked this post called "Smoothie Kids". It's EXACTLY what I always say about greens: PUT IT IN A BLENDER WITH SOMETHING SWEET AND THEY WILL EAT IT!!!

Greens are so important yet not something kids normally consume. So try it and if it works DO IT! They need greens for all the micro nutrients, fiber, protein, vitamins and chlorophyll. 

Happy Foody's Full Post:

Green smoothies are a wonderful way to nourish your children! It's pretty rare to find a 5 year old who will sit down and eat a big spinach salad...but throw that salad into the blender with some sweet fruits and THEY WILL! Here are a few tips for those of you who want to get more greens into your kiddos:

  • If your child doesn't like the green color, add blueberries (or any dark berry) and it will make it purple!

  • Try to avoid fruit with small seeds (blackberries, etc)...they tend not to blend so well and the texture might bother some kids.

  • Get a fun straw! And make sure it has a wide opening...the faster it comes out, the more they will drink.

  • Get a special cup...just for their smoothies. One that isn't clear and has a lid works well for disguising the color. Bella likes her pink small coffee travel mug from Starbucks.

  • Make up a fun name! Some that I've heard lately: "Berry Blast", "Princess Power Smoothie", and "Hulk Smash Smoothie". It's amazing what they will drink when it has a cool sounding name.

  • If you have a rather selective eater...avoid using the words "green" and "smoothie" in the same sentence. Same with "spinach" and "kale". Tends to send them running.

  • Get them a smoothie buddy. If little Suzy Q who lives next door loves smoothies, your kiddo will probably jump on the band wagon. Of course, this can backfire if Suzy Q really hates the smoothies :) Kids are very impressionable.

  • Give them ownership of the smoothie by letting them pick out the ingredients. I have found that when Bella gets to put everything in the blender, run the buttons, etc...she is much more excited to drink it.

  • If they don't like the green smoothies at first...start them off with a regular fruit smoothie (or "pink smoothie" as it's known in our house).

  • Sneak in other healthy goodies like hemp seeds or chia while you're at it...they won't taste a thing!

  • For a fun treat, make them a yummy chocolate smoothie.

  • If you're wanting to increase their calories, add raw almond butter or avocado to their smoothie.

Overall, kids will eventually imitate what they see repeated. If they see you enjoying a green smoothie every day during the challenge...they're going to wonder what they are missing! This goes for spouses as well :)

Share your stories about your kids and green smoothies! Do they have a favorite recipe? What did you name it? How have they reacted to you drinking them?