Happy Lady Eats Kookie Karma

Just read this fun "foodie" review. Good stuff. Thanks Happy Lady! :)

"I usually cringe at the thought of a vegan or gluten free dessert as I am not vegan or gluten intolerant and have been lucky enough to be able to eat whatever I choose from the plethora of cookie options in the world. After stumbling upon Kookie Karma at the grocery store, the cute packaging called my name and convinced me to give it a shot. What I expected to be a flavorless, dry biscuit was a moist, rich, almost brownie-like cookie that I gladly devoured like I would any other. The cookies must be a godsend for those with these dietary restrictions as I would gladly enjoy one again even in my non-restricted state of cookie-loving being.

{above image indicates evidence of a quickly devoured snack} "

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