Carmelized Onion Crisps

My son Pierce and I had a little picnic with a friend of mine, Kimberlie and her kids at the park last week. We shared some good healthy food and smoothies. She brought this really awesome onion "bread". I remember the ingredients were simple, like just onions, almonds and agave. So I went home later that day and made some of my own (without a recipe) and it didn't turn out as soft and perfect. Instead it was crispy, like a cracker but the onions tasted literally like sweet caramelized onions. 

So, here's a recipe:

1 yellow onion

3c soaked almonds

1tsp sea salt

1TBL agave nectar

Mix all in a blender until smoothe but chunky. Spread mixture out onto a Teflex sheet, dehydrate for 6 hours. Remove from Teflex and transfer to mesh sheet. Dehydrate for another 6 hours or until desired texture.

note: My boyfriend HATES onions, I mean, he thinks he's allergic, so I NEVER make anything with onions if he's around. But this recipe was so good that I had to try it (I love onions) and guess what...he ate it and loved it. I told him what it was and he couldn't believe I got him to eat onions!!!!!