A Meditation of Sorts

Last night I was in bed doing a silent little inner dialogue, meditation if you will, and focused on a short little saying/mantra that I came up with while laying there. Here it is: "I created my life as it is...I am in control of my life to come." OK, sounds like WHATEVER! But what it meant to me was that whatever it is I have right now in my life (as little or much as it might be) I CREATED, I WAS IN CHARGE OF, I MADE MY LIFE WHAT IT IS RIGHT NOW!! Hmmm, so that means whatever it is - good or bad - is a product of my doing. My thoughts. My actions. My motivations. My bad habits. OK, so that can be a bit depressing or a bit empowering, right? All depending on which part of my life I am analyzing. Am I sad right now, happy, etc.

But what really got me super motivated was the idea that THE FUTURE is also in my hands. I am in charge of not only what has happened in my life RIGHT NOW and up until this point, but I am in charge of what is to come! I can dictate the future to some degree.

I guess the obstacle can be "WHAT DO I WANT?" But I already know that. I recently have had visions of my life to come in the next 5 years. And I got really really motivated and very excited to start carving out the blueprint.

Anyways, I just thought I would share that. I am sure some people don't believe this way or don't see their life this way. But, it's not ALWAYS up to a higher power. Let me just leave you with that. WE are in charge of our life. We can't wait for somebody else or some other being or our faith, per se, to lead us or to hold our hand. WE NEED TO GET IT DONE! Just do it! As Nike says.


Good night. Off to think about this thought some more.

--- JULI :)