Eating For Baby


Something that helped me eat right during my first pregnancy was to continually remind myself that I'm eating for the baby. Every vitamin and mineral is so important to the baby's growth that I didn't want to deprive him of anything. Nor so did I want to substitute healthy protein and carbohydrates for sugar and other refined, toxic foods (despite my late-night cravings) that might in fact slow the growth process or inhibit it in any way.

This has kept me eating my vegetables and staying away from the empty calories (that also add to extra weight I would be carrying around).

Because this topic is so important to me (and health and cooking are, afterall, what I do best) I'm going to have a general section on this blog called "Nutrition". It's going to be a place where you can read articles about my
diet during pregnancy, a vegetarian diet, diet ideas, menus ideas,
recipes, and more to keep the baby growing as needed. Please feel free to comment and add your ideas and thoughts or questions.

Stay Tuned...
Juli Novotny