------------------------------HEAD MAMA JULI---------------------------------------
In highschool...
I was the head pastry chef at the age of 16 at a popular pastry shop near my house.

By age 24...
a few years after graduated from UCLA, I started a health food company, Kookie Karma, in Santa Monica, CA where I resided for over 8 years. 

Now 31 {dammit, 32}...
Living in San Diego, I'm a proud mom with two little boys of my own: Pierce and Roman - just 12 months apart! We spend our days at the pool, at the beach, at the park or watching mommy cook while eating yummy food in the kitchen. 


Hailing from South Carolina, Meredith Baird has had a lifelong passion for gourmet vegetarian cuisine. After college she left the traditional route to pursue her passion and became certified as a raw food chef and instructor. Infusing her innate stylistic talent and food sensibility was a natural marriage.

She pursued her culinary career in Napa Valley where she was able to incorporate her knowledge and love of wine into a healthy lifestyle and gourmet cuisine. After California she moved to New York to join the Matthew Kenney team. Since 2008 Meredith has been a crucial part of the Matthew Kenney Lifestyle brand. She has assisted in writing several books with Matthew, as well as open the Matthew Kenney Restaurant and Academy. Intermixed with her passion for food is a great love of design. She has been an integral part of the restaurant design on several cutting edge sustainable projects.

She believes in living life beautifully both internally and externally by nourishing yourself with life-filled, health-giving, beautiful food, while at the same time allowing yourself aesthetic pleasure through art, fashion, photography, music and design. She feels very fortunate that her life's work is all about doing just that.

C H R I S T I N E dionese is an integrative heatlh care specialist, medical journalist, food writer and business development consultant. Popularized by health care professionals and patients alike, her blog, Reaching Beyond Now features a socially conscious take on integrative medicine and the future of lifestyle design. Christine loves teaching people and families how to sustainably design health through food. When she's not with patients you can catch her sprouting organic goodness in the garden, crafting new recipes in her kitchen and working on her upcoming medicinal culinary therapy cooking book. Check out her latest endeavor, Garden Eats to learn more about seasonal kitchen gardening and medicinal culinary therapy.

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This is not a raw vegan site; We are not baby experts or medical professionals; but we do show parents/adults how to incorporate more plant-based meals and superfood principles into their everyday routines and diets. Whether your an athlete, a new mom, are sick, overweight, tired, or just needing a motivational kick-in-the-butt, that's what this blog is here for. 

Now, before you get off your bottom to clean out the cupboards and start fresh, sit down for a bit longer and give this blog a good read. You will find everything from pantry basics to smoothies to everyday recipes and supplement must-haves. While you're at it, revamp your home, too. We have collected some savvy ideas to get your house looking as GREAT as your new wholesome self! Enjoy. 

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