Matthew Kenney's & Meredith Baird :: RAW Chocolate

Remember all the oohing and awing I did awhile back over Matthew Kenney's new book? Well, he's at it again!

And all I can say is that this is some serious "eye" candy. Not only are the recipes creative, sweet and gourmet but the pictures are out of this world. 

And not to mention the obvious, but Meredith and Matthew both, are just as pleasing to look at! These two extremely cool people have put togther one gorgeous book and it is coming to stores very soon. 

For now, I'm excited to share with you this sneak peek: two of their brilliant recipes and photos {all taken by the lovely Adrian Mueller}

If you LOVE what you see. You really should pre-order the book, Raw Chocolate, from Amazon. Launch date is sometime in February. To sign up, click here!


StoryBird :: Where Your Child Can Create A Book

A friend of mine introduced me to this brilliant site. Basically, artists submit their artwork to be used for story telling. Hmmmm, did I explain that right? This web site, called StoryBird, serves as a platform for your child to create his or own books by using their image to tell the story they see in the pictures. 

There is so much beautiful artwork. So many stories to be told. Let your child's imagination run. 

START HERE! Or better yet, first read stories that other children have created

Peace Pies :: Healthy Raw Vegan Gourmet Takeout

Peace Pies just opened up down the street from me and I'm so excited about it. Here is a sneak peek into their store. 

They do burgers, mock tuna sandwiches, salads, collard wraps, desserts, pies, kale chips, snacks, green smoothies, protein powders, juices and so on. 

All you north county ladies and gents, no more excuses as to why you CAN'T eat a healthy plant based diet at least ONCE a week! 

Favorite Beauty Products {at least for now}

I'm over at Yoga Babes guest blogging about beauty products. I have tested and tried a lot lot lot of products - natural and less natural. I have tried expensive stuff from salons and the other health food store items as well. I have compiled a short list of my current favorites. Thanks to Jessica, from Yoga Babes for having me. 

Bergamot Spa...aahhhhhh

All I gotta say is this place has been my savior for the past couple years. It's right up the street from my house and wow, their pedicures are amazing. And WOW the property is BEAUTIFUL. It's so zen-like and modern. 

It's called Bergamot and the owner literally takes trips to Bali a few times a year to buy the decor and furniture. 

I go here when I need a "getaway" or a good sauna. It's a splurge so I only do it every so often. But, it so worth it. 

I mainly use the Infrared Sauna - it's like a serious SWEAT box - and I like to do 30 minute meditations in there. 

The pedicure room is great and they have this wonderful green coconut tea that I get every time while being pampered. 

It's like a mini oasis. For sure. 

If you live in the San Diego area, you gotta check it out. They like throwing baby showers, wedding parties, etc. and there and have yoga a few days a week.