{eco} organic reusable wraps :: my new fav thing!

I spent the afternoon purusing my new obsession: Harabu House! 

You will absolutely LOVE it. Check it out, you'll want to spend way too much money, so beware. 

While I was drooling over everything, I fell especially in lust with this company, Chewing The Cudd. They make the cutest reusable {organic cotton} wraps that can be used as gift wrap, make-shift bags, wine carriers, etc. And they even make adorable bag containers. 

Not sure why I was so excited about this company. I just thought - what a brilliant, yes super simple, idea! Sort of like the reusable grocery bag concept. I think this trend would also be great for our planet. 

My Birthday & Alkalizing Juice Regime

So yes, I have been MIA for a few days now. I sort of fell off the radar due to nothing more than being busy and also busy relaxing at the same time. It was my 32nd birthday last week and I was surprised with aRELAXING few days in Las Vegas.

Relaxing isn't how most people would describe their time in Vegas {wink} but for me it was. We ate, laid by the pool, laid around our very cool vdara suite, took a bath, read some magazines, then got all dressed up and went to a show. When I first heard we were going to a show I was a little indifferent. Not all that excited about it. However, when I actually got to the event I was like a giddy little kid so mesmerized by the incredible acts and music. If you haven't seen the LOVE show by CirqueDuSoleil I highly recommend you go. I can't even describe it to you. You just have to see it. 

We ended the evening at Michael Mina. Not exactly raw foods. But it wasn't to shabby, let me tell you! It's pretty much some of the most gourmet food you can get. Even the vegetarian stuff is better than any veg restaurant. And I'm such a sucker for gourmet food. And one glass of a fabulous Cabernet. 

Oh and I have to mention that together we also won $200 playing black jack! Hey, not too bad, right?

These perfect few days were followed up by a weekend to myself with my favorite two little munchkins. 

Needless to say, I was ready for a little juice fast. This wasn't just ANY juice fast. It was 2 full days of Alexis masterpieces. She designed two days of alkalzing for me. She combined raw soups, green smoothies, nuts milks along with some crazy coconut durian concoctions. 

These drinks were combined with supplements to help flush out parasites and toxins as well. I only did it for two days. Alexis has been doing a similar one for fourteen! 

The hardest part for me were the night sweats and chills along with the niacin flush. If you haven't done a niacin flush before - you probably should! That's all I have to say about that. Ask your naturopoath or talk to Alexis. 

Alexis sold Cutco until the year after she graduated from college, was about 20 lbs heavier eating the SAD diet when she got introduced to raw foods and it completely changed her life!

She went vegan and lost about 10 lbs in the course of 3 months. She also found out about Kangen water at that time {she loves}, started drinking it, and lost another 10 lbs. She was then on a mission to read every book she could get my hands on, watch documentaries, attend lectures and eventually went on to become a certified nutritional advisor through HAllelujah Acres.

Her story reminds me of my own journey in that when you witness and experience such drastic health transformations through diet and lifestyle changes, you can't help but become so fasinated and passionate. I see this similar type of bios running throughout the raw food community. 

I notice too that many people find this exceptional state of health sort of accidentally. Most people don't try and reach for something they have never felt. Does that make sense? But once somebody sort of bumps into this way of eating {sometimes due to severe health issues or maybe just minor ones} they are beyond belief.

Feeling GREAT and looking amazing from the inside out is something you want to share with people. You'd think maybe you'd want to keep it a secret {your little beauty secret, haha} but you just can't. When you're clean inside you want the best for others as well as yourself. You want the world to be their best. Insecurities sort of dissapate, anything like jealousy, envy and anger head right out the door as well. It's all part of the detox process. Those feelings are of course "normal" but normal is not where I want to be. Do you? Once you have superceeded "normal" or "healthy" you have a hard time with the SAD diet and the feeling of "normal". 

Anyways, that was my little sidenote tangent. And hopefully maybe a little inspiration for anybody who wants to feel wonderful. 

Alexis currently teaches raw food classes, does nutritional consulting, and facilitates cleanses. Her passion is health, children and educating families about proper eating and PREVENTING illnesses rather than trying to reverse them...and that you don't NEED a steak and potatoes to get full or enjoy a proper meal. {again, we have a lot in common}. God provided all the nutrition we need in the earth from something so simple and pure: fruits and veggies. Proper hydration is also essential which most people are only about 17-22% hydrated. When you put the right things in, you get the right results. 

If your are in the San Clemente area contact Alexis Autenrieth.

alexisnikole {at} aol {dot} com

or message her on facebook

also, thanks for her man, Joe for the juice photo {i stole it off his facebook}

Travelling?...Leaving The Kids Behind? keep them healthy!!!

So, we went to a wedding this past weekend. We went for 3 whole nights. Yikes. We haven't left our boys since the beginning of the year and I swear I scrambled for days to get everything organized, ready and exciting for them while we were away. 

I'm not sure how often any of you guys leave town without your kids, so, I'm not sure how many tricks you have up your sleeve for this kind of thing. But, I have a few and I will share them with you. I am NOT claiming to be any kind of a parenting expert or even good at it for that matter. But I can say we do travel a lot - mainly WITH our kids, but sometimes without them as well!

My two big challenges when we leave them at home: 1) keeping them from dwelling on the fact that we're gone. Making sure everyday is filled with something fun and exciting. And 2) keeping them healthy!

Last year when we got home from a trip, our kids were both sick. Mainly because of my lack effort in putting together a good meal plan. You don't want to stress out the sitters, so making it easy for them can be tricky. 

Lots of healthy snacks - stuff they've never had before. Maybe this means spending extra money on healthy stuff that tastes really good. 

Smoothies - made ahead of time or directions for during. Choose an organic fruit that you want the boys to eat. Have the sitter use that in smoothies, or whatnot, each day. 

Let go of a few things - let the kids have extra treats that they don't normally get. Or spoiling them with toys or MOVIES!! 

Feed them really well before you leave - green smoothies, no sugar, no junk. So as to save up for the weekend away. 

Make meals ahead of time and package in tupperware - so the caregivers don't have to spend time doing this. They can just play with kids. 

New toys - either give the caregiver money for a fun trip to the toys store or buy stuff ahead of time and hide it in a bag. Give your kids a toy or two each day. This gets them excited plus it keeps them busy and not bored or sad. 

Clothes - my kids LOVE super heros, thomas the train, and so on. So sometimes, I pick up a few of these things at Old Navy, thrift stores or Target. Give them one before you leave. Or maybe a superhero cape or something. Tell them to be brave and like super heros while you're away.  

Mom and Dad take a few videos of yourselves talking to the boys. We don't always have time for or aren't in the same time zone for Face Time {talking on phone} while we're away, so taking videos ahead of time can be fun. Telling them things like you love them. Maybe get creative and add a soundtrack? You could even do a scavenger hunt?!

Adventures & Activities - try and plan fun trips with friends or family members during this time. If you don't mind sitter/caregiver driving your kids around, then get them some passes to LEGO Land or a local museum. 

FAMILY & familiar faces! - even if you have no family around to help out with overnights, you can at least ask them to stop in or take one of your kids for the day. Or if your cousins have been wanting to come by, this would be a great time for it. 

Those are just some ideas to keep kids having fun and excited about your being gone plus keeping them healthy. Again, I'm not the expert parent. In fact, some people might find my tips totally annoying. That's why I would like it if you shared YOURS with us as well: That being said, if you have any other fun healthy ideas, please share them!

Snacks as you see them from top to bottom & left to right:

raw vegan hail merry tarts | fresh coconut water | dried mango | raw vegan rhythm chips | sun power raw vegan snackskookie karma raw vegan krackers | just tomatoes dried fruit | macaroons | living intentions sprouted green food grawnola | roasted organic seaweed snacks | homemade juice popsicles | bananas


The Lazy Days of Summer

The busiest, most stressful time at our house is Summer time. So, we make sure and break it up with a few adventures that the entire family can enjoy. This year, now that we have two children over the age of 2, we decided to DRIVE our way to these destinations: Napa, LA & Palm Springs. 

We enjoyed some adult time alone as well as family fun stuff. 

Palm Springs was spent relaxing at the Riviera Hotel {we have never been here before, we generally stay at the Parker but they had a great deal on a one night stay and we wanted to try something new} and eating/lounging at the Ace {they always seem to have a stylish, fun menu with lots of vegetarian/vegan options}. 

Then LA was even more fun because we went from restaurant to restaurant, store to store on Abbot Kinney {my old home}. I haven't been in so long and totally miss it. Plus, it's changed a lot! Of course I also spent a nice amount of cash at Rawvolution - worth every penny. 

Napa was our last and final destination. Talk about beautiful. Amazing. Wonderful. It's my home away from home and REALLY want to live there part time someday. Not only do a lot of my best friends live up there but the air is just so different than San Diego. It's calm and peaceful and green! 

We stayed in the guest house at the Staglin Family Vineyard. {Thank You Shannon & Family}. Have you seen the Parent Trap movie? Or pictures from Christina Aguileras wedding? Both took place at this beautiful property. 

Summer here in SD is just beginning really. So stay tuned from more pics!

p.s. I don't think I have eaten more kale chip in my entire life! Going from PS to SD to LA to Napa isn't difficult for a healthy vegan. There are SO many healthy markets. Vegan restaurants and gourmet ones too. Great for ALL types of foodies.