Christine's Holiday & Summer Family Travel Tips

Before I share Christine's GREAT family travel article, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to her. She is officially a first time mommy as of a few weeks ago. And we couldn't be more thrilled to have her as part of the PUREmamas team. In case you didn't already know Christine is trained in intregrative health and is a medical journalist. She is smart, beautiful and, well, now a healthy mom! Yay for that!

Christine's Tips for Skipping Town with the Kids: Must Haves

Thinking of heading to the great outdoors with the little ones? It’s getting to be that time of year when hiking and camping excursions are the family thing to do! Toting the tots equals a lifetime of memories, but are you sure you’re ready? If you’re going kid in the front, back pack in the back, here’s what you’ll want to stash in addition to the crayons and coloring books!

Pack a kiddie damage control kit

1. ID Bracelet (or ID card tucked into kids clothes) that reads:           

                                          ■Allergies (meds foods)
                                          ■Age/Birth Date
                                          ■Your Name, Phone Number, Email
                                          ■Emergency Contact Back “Home”
                                          ■Phone Number of Your Country’s Embassy or Missing Persons Info

2. On the Spot Fix it First-Aid:

Homeopathics! Children respond almost immediately to homeopathic treatment making them ideal for travel.. A bonus to homeopathics is that they carry an extremely low reaction and interaction (with other meds) rate (I‘ve never had a patient experience a reaction).

○      Arnica Montana (internal and topical): bruising and swelling
○      Kali Phosphorus: fever
○      Clematis: traveling anxiety
○      Rescue Remedy: irritability, restlessness, and unsettled feelings
○      Byronia, lycopodium & causticum: constipation
○      Belladonna & Hepar Sulphur: ear ache remedy
○      Nux Vomica: nausea and vomiting
○      Apis Mellifica: bug bites & stings
○      Homeopathic Teething Tabs

Natural Wound Care

○       Aloe is an extremely versatile wound remedy that instantly closes thes kin  well as encouraging germy microbes to exit the area. Aloe can also be used in any orifice as well!
○      Sovereign Silver: Colloidal Silver Gel is my fave topical anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal... Here’s where you can skip the Neosporin and go natural with great, fast results!

Snack Time. On the go go go equals an increased need for nutrients and healthy choices to keep your kid sustained. Kids are finicky eaters as it is so be sure to have a supply of healthy favorites. Snacks free of sugar are the best bet to keep your child’s blood sugar properly balanced and prevent dehydration all day long.

○      Kookie Karma snacks!
○      Dehydrated fruits
○      nut butters & pastes
○      rice protein mixed in organic juice
○      rice protein and fruit frozen into cubes (if you have a cold pack)

3. Hydration

Sounds like a no-brainer to give the kids water right? Kids are easily dehydrated and parents often don’t notice until it’s too late and a fever ensues.

Kids will like:
○      Watermelon
○      Coconut Water
○      Cucumbers
○      Jicama

Experienced Parents Share Other Fun Travel Tips...

I hit about five different airports a month so I’ve had the chance to chat up some super savvy traveling parents…  Some shared what they’d never leave home without and others taught me how they adapted to their surroundings with found amusements for their kids.

“Coloring books and crayons? Haha, duh!” One parent joked, “we don’t even go to a café without those.”

“Get to the craft store and buy a ream of velcro if you’re traveling with a kid under four. Kids drop enough as it is at home so consider picking something up off the ground while backpacking in Colombia-gross! We got the idea from a European family in California before we took off. Wrist rattles, pacifiers, anything you can imagine can be stuck to your kid’s arm or leg with velcro!”

“Mirrors. Babies love to see themselves and it’s relatively soothing when they get upset. My boyfriend and I attached mirrors to both of our backpacks so our son could see his reflection while we walked around or waited for buses.

“Even when babies are being carried they get restless. After our daughter was crying for an hour and we were feeling desperate we had this ‘ah-ha’ moment when we spotted mini-clip on dolls in Bangkok. We rigged a scooter mirror to the baby carrier and fashioned an impromptu mobile with the dolls clipped to the mirror. She loved it and it kept her occupied while we meandered through the crowded markets.”

"A bag full of new toys {.99 cent isle at target? or stuff on sale. cheap stuff} or special treats that they don't usually get at home. like lollipops {sorry to suggest unhealthy ideas, haha} or gummies. taking one thing out at a time every time the kids get restless is a HUGE life saver."

"A new book. One they haven't read before. Or a book they can't live without."

"Obviously, if the baby is young, don't forget the hooter hider. It's great when you're sitting next to strangers. Babies love to fall asleep on planes and giving them the boob always makes them feel right at home. They will most likely instantly fall asleep. Plus the sucking is good for take off and landing. Helps with the ears."

Are you a parent successfully on the go? Share your kid-trotting tips with other Matador parents here!

Happiness! {it doesn't take much}

1) the prettiest, largest flower I have ever seen. had to buy it. INCREDIBLE 2) after school green drinks {avo, squash, stevia, pineapple, banana, spinach} 3) tennis courts at La Costa Resort 4) farmer's market radishes 5) caesar salad made with kale & radishes = best invention ever 6) thanks to the lovely ladies over at MyBarre3 for the workouts they sent me 7) my kids randomly started jiving to the live music at the local fair the other day. it was one of the funniest things ever 8) reading a book while my son actually sits still to listen and give hugs 9) the best game ever - hungry hungry hippos {my kids get so competitive} 10) cinepolis movie night. YES! 11) La Costa Resort pool on a hot sunny Saturday 12) we found this bugs bunny book at a garage sale. i love scoring cool used stuff. 13) my sweet one year old niece that i got to see for about 1 hour last weekend. SO CUTE. it's my favorite age for sure. 

Beautifying, Hawaii Style


It's not all that often that I get to relax with a magazine. But I had plenty of time for that on the plane ride over to Hawaii. 

I brought along the March 2012 issue of Whole Living Magazine. I have to say I was surprised at how beautiful the photos, creative the articles and yummy the recipes were. It might be one of the few magazines I've found that actually combine art, color, fonts, photos and also natural health/diet in a way that I personally think is perfect. 

One of my favorite articles included interviews with women from around the world asking them for natural beauty remedies / traditions. One of the girls Jarah {Native Hawaiian and Korean} swears by Kukui nut oil. I've been all over the island searching for this oil. Sasha {Russian and Ukrainian} says her skin remedy includes honey and granulated sugar: "combine equal parts and massage the mixture in circular strokes over your body," she explains. I'm did that today and it felt great {using sugar cane from Hawaii and local honey}!

Corinna {German} says she loves chamomile tea to naturally bring out the blonde in her hair: "brew up some fresh tea and let it steep for a while. Then, after washing and rinsing, splash hair with cooled-off tea, then let it dry--the relaxing scent is a bonus," she says. I'm trying this later today but Corinna says you have to be pretty blonde to start with. Beer works better if you are naturally a bit darker. 

There is also this quick little blurb in the magazine about sprouting. I get pretty excited when I see raw food concepts discussed in a mainstream sort of way, especially by an M.D. 

When we think of sprouting, most people think of alfalfa sprouts, am I wrong? What most people don't realize is that you can sprout any truly raw seed, nut and/or grain or legume. Like amaranth, quinoa, legumes, and the list goes on. 

You don't have to be a health nut {no pun intended} or a raw foodist to be a sprouter. Sprouting is just a more nutrient dense form of preparing these foods. All the enzymes, higer in protein are intact and they are better digested this way as well. 

It might take a bit more time and taste a bit different but it definitely doesn't cost any more money. 

So, hey, why not? 

You can't come to Hawaii and not have a fresh young coconut. Afterall nothing beats ice cold coconut water on a hot tropical day?

Um, coconut ice cream! 

Yep, on our way to Hana we ran into a random stand in the middle of nowhere serving up dairy-free, vegan, coconut ice cream! 

It was Heaven in a bowl...let me tell you!On our way back from Hana, we stopped at a local cafe that had this amazing kale, swiss chard and goji berry salad with goji berry vinegarette. 

Nothing looks more beautiful than a bowl of this bright colorful salad! And after eating it, being active in the sun, drinking electrolytes all day, you feel radiant as well.

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend everybody. 

Welcome To Paradise :: Wordless Wednesday

It's been a really relaxing four days. So relaxing in fact almost boring {wink}. I have a really hard time relaxing and just sitting at a pool {haha}, hence here I am blogging today. 

Anyways, I thought I would show a little Wordless Wedneday love today! Happy Wednesday all!


A Very Tropical Time Out


It's been a whole year since we went on an adult only vacation. Last year we went to Ireland to rejuvenate. This year we're heading to Maui, a tropical time out I call it. As of a month ago we were going to bring our little ones {ages 2.5 and 3.5 years old} but realized at the last minute that it wouldn't be worth the money or the crazy hassle. Between flights and extra large rooms we'd have to spend way too much money on something they wouldn't even remember. 

Since we a) live by the beach and b) recently became members of the La Costa Resort and Spa here in sunny southern California, we don't really see the point in taking them all the way to a new time zone to just swim in a pool. They can do that here {it's 80 degrees here today at the beach} with their grandparents. 

But of course this last week required a lot of extra time shopping and planning for this 5 day departure. Between Jimbos and Whole Foods here in town I think I came up with a pretty decent snack selection and meal menu. 

I'd like to share with you a few of the snacks as well as a daily smoothie option. 

I wanted to be sure they had adequate vitamins, protein, greens and iron without creating a lot of anxiety about meals for their grandparents. This week should be FUN for everybody, not exhausting and stressful. But at the same time I didn't want to come home to two sick children {we did last year}. 

When I was at the grocery store I started chatting with the front end checkers and one of them asked me how old my kids were and seemed surprised when I told them. He thought they were probably a lot older since I was buying so much {haha} but I explained to them that it's the little things that get little kids excited. When my kids get a new snack they jump for joy {literally, up and down saying "yaaaaay"} and are happy for like 30 minutes. When they are grumpy, a good snack always cheers them up. {maybe my kids are just deprived, haha}

Smoothie Recipe
serves 1 adult smoothie 2 kids smoothies

1c favorite milk of choice
2 scoops chocolate amazing greens superfoods powder
1 scoop teras whey powder or vegan protein powder of choice
1/2 - 1 banana {i like them frozen best}

Blend until super smooth. {chocolate mustaches are optional but really cute}

Some of the snacks I chose this time, shown above, include:


  1. kookie karma cheesy kale kracker
  2. rawtella hazelnut spread
  3. kelp krunch bars
  4. dried organic mango
  5. nature's all organic bananas
  6. artisana foods nut butter



Have a great week everybody. I will be posting a few recipes from guest bloggers this week while I'm away. Stay tuned for some exciting recipes and I will see you all next week! 

****And if you like this, here's where I got the retro hawaii photo & bamboo wallpaper