Happy Valentines Day!

Wishing you lots of love on Valentines Day 2012. 

 Make today one full of joy, hugs, kisses, hearts and LOVE.

Chocolate & champagne = OPTIONAL!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Organic Kids Valentines :: Part II {plus a special gift for you}

This project was actually really fun to do, at least compared to the tedious building of the cereal bracelets. I felt like a kid again, getting really excited to sit down and be creative. 

what you'll need:

an array of embossing powders
embossing heat gun
stamp of choice {fairly small}
clear stamp ink
white piece of paper
organic yummy earth lollipops
brown paper bags {grocery or department store}, cut into 3 inch strips
tape glider
colored pen {I used white pen but you can used something else like gold or pink, etc.}


After you cut the paper bags into long 3" strips {as shown below}, lay the strip down on white piece of paper. Using the same heart stamp as I used with the bracelets, I stamped into clear sticky ink, stamped the long paper strip powdered up the heart with lots of of the powder. Then pour the powder off onto the white paper. That way, when you're done, you can pour the glitter/powder back into it's container and reuse the excess.

When the strips are all finall embossed, you can write on them - whatever you want. I chose to write my sons names so kids knew who the lollipops were from. 

Of course, if you don't want to emboss, you can just use a pretty color ink for the stamp...like I did in my last valentine's day post. I thought the embossing added a really unique touch. OR if you don't have a stamp, you can just hand draw and write on each strip. 

Idea: maybe your child wants to hand write and draw a special something on each strip for each person in his/her class. My kids are too young for this, otherwise, I might have done so. 

That's it. Good LUCK & Happy Valentine's Day. 

OH...and if you're really lazy, want to spend NO money on this, or your just plain doing valentines last minute, DON'T STRESS, I made a unique printable card for you to print up at your house. Just cut each one out and write in your child's name. Couldn't be much easier than that: HERE it is in pdf version. {you're welcome}

Eco Kids Valentines :: Part I

We've had the best time making valentines this year. It's really my first year doing it because it's the first year my oldest can actually help and appreciate the work that goes into it. 

I honestly had to delve back into my childhood memories to even THINK about what a valentine looks like. I remember bags full of store bought cut out cards, pink heart candy, red hots, sweet love notes and also some snoopy and other cartoon characters. It was a fun time. 

So, this year I decided to make bracelets and necklaces made out of kashi cereal and bakers twine - something boys would wear but girls would think is cute, too. note: I am also doing another creative valentine post TOMORROW. So stay tuned. {think glitter, foil and embossing}

What you'll need:

bakers twine or string, cut into 9" strings
used paper bags {department store or grocery}, cut into squares
heart stamp 
glitter ink {multiple colors}
kashi heart to heart cereal
hole punch

Once you have cut the paper bags into squares, fold them in half. Then using your scissors cut them into half-heart shapes. Open it up and voila, you have a perfect shaped heart {you probably already know how to do this}. 

Then, either draw or stamp a cute heart onto the fronts and backs. {if you don't have a stamp, just use a marker, but this takes longer}. I chose glitter colors for fun. You can even choose blue glitter ink which makes it really fun for boys. 

Using a market or a pen {I used a white pen}, write your child's name on the heart so that the other kids know who their cute bracelet is from.

Then, using a hole punch, punch a hole into the top of the heart.

Next, you'll want to pull the twine through the hole. 

Add 7-8 Kashi rings {not the little hearts} to EACH SIDE of the dangling heart. You'll have lots of twine left over on each end. This was intentional: you'll want to have enough twine to tie a BOW, not a knot. This way, each child can untie the bow and then re-tie it on their wrist to fit tightly. 

You can also make a necklace if you want to. It can be as elaborate or simple as you want it to be.