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I have the pleasure of not only working with Lindsay from Darling Clementine again this week but Olivia Haviland too this time. Olivia is the owner of Smiling Planet. If you aren't familiar with her company, you really should be. 

You see, I was going to end this week with a long-winded post about plastic. Reminding everybody that chemicals are poison and plastic being one of the worst. I believe, as many others do as well, that most ailments, disease and health problems often go hand-in-hand with chemical and pesticide exposure. It's all around us. In everything we do, buy, clean, touch, and sadly...eat. 

At home my kids have plastic toys and other plastic stuff. As mindful as we are, it's just so hard to stick to WOOD ONLY toys and glass bowls for meals. GLASS? Really? That wouldn't last long. We'd be buying new bowls every day. 

So, you could imagine my excitment when I came across these cool bowls and plates. Not only are they made from the hightest quality, non-toxic, medical grade plastic, they are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! 

OH and not only did I find out that Olivia's family LOVES kookie karma {her words, no joke}, she told me that her kids favorite health snack is an apple!

AND...of all her products her favorites are:

2) which of your products is your favorite?

"our circle of life plate, both boys and girls love it, i love the peaceful and whimsical quality of the drawings.

our wrap me not gift set which encourages parents to give the present as is. I really like the wrap me not manifesto on the side and the one can write the To:  and From: directly on the box."

She also reaffirms to me that

"the plastic (number #5) that we use is medical grade, so i know that it does not leach any harmfull chemicals. number #5 is regarded as a safe plastic by such leading authorities as healthy child healthy world, and the plastic we use is medical grade which adheres to higher standards than food grade. The decorations are printed sub-surface and not printed on top like most children's dinnerware. My daughters use them every day."

AND BEST OF ALL, LUCKY US...in honor of this fun post today, Lindsay from Darling Clementine is offering 20% off all Smiling Planet products for PUREmamas readers! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO. I'm not kidding this the best news ever. So hurry up and enter PUREMAMAS at checkout and receive 20% off ... deal only lasts 2 weeks. 

THANK YOU LINDSAY! And thanks Olivia! We are SO excited. 


Meredith Talks Giveaways & Matthew Kenney's Spring Menu

Ok... so one of the MAJOR perks of my job is getting to eat amazingly delicious, innovative, raw vegan food. I know right? SO SOOOO hard. All that WORK! (Right?) 

In truth, that doesn't happen as often as I'd like! I end up preparing most of our meals myself (even though they are still healthy and delicious). So I always look forward to going to our restaurant and culinary school Matthew Kenney in OKC. Students come from all over the world (literally) to learn this type of cuisine. What comes out of that kitchen is none short of truly amazing. I never leave without being BEYOND inspired. 

The students make great food, and so does the kitchen! We change the menu every season. Fortunately this season change was on the cusp of hiring our new (amazingly talented) corporate Chef Scott Winegard. He is from Brooklyn, NY and has worked with Matthew in various capacities - including  Pure Food and Wine. Scott is in OKC to help execute the new  spring menu and he brought his passion for vegetables with him.

While in OKC I spent a week testing (tasting) every dish so I thought that I would supply you with some food porn {wink}! note: all of the photos are of RAW VEGAN dishes. Amazing, right?

Dessert often comes first in the raw food kitchen. If you have never experienced a raw food dessert, be prepared to be truly amazed. In our kitchen right now we have the lovely pastry fairy Tatiana Jankowski. This round of desserts was unbelievable.

I'm not biased. I truly can't say enough good things about all of the excitement that comes out of that kitchen in OKC. If you are passionate about health and beautiful food, please stay in touch! 

Check out all of the new dishes on our website

Our Tumblr is an endless amount of mouth watering photos!


And guess what, I've decided to give away the Matthew Kenney iPad app as well as a copy of our new book, Raw Chocolate!


Simply like MATTHEW KENNEY'S Facebook page and leave a comment here on PUREmamas that you did so! 

For extra credit, mention Juli Novotny & Meredith Baird in a tweet. 


Darling Clementine :: Healthy Baby & Discount Codes


I'm just LOVING Darling Clementine's shop. But before I get started with the wonderful discount codes and products to drool over, I want to say that I'm not sure why everybody is so against pinning their pics on PINTEREST. I mean, I find so many amazing things through that site that I would NEVER have seen before. So from a business perspective, it's great for everybody. As a business owner, a blog owner and somebody who does my own photography, you'd think I might be against it for copyright reasons?!

And yes, of course there are are those people who use and abuse! As with any industry, we have those frustrating outliers. But come on! Each image should and does {for the most part} link back to the original post or designer/artist. It's so efficient, organized and I think more "safe" than blogs, as far as copyright goes. I'm super for the site, in case you care! {ha}

Anyways, I recently found out about Darling Clementine via pinterst and I'm so excited that I did. 

Shown above are my FAVORITE things that they sell and in fact the plate/bowl are literally some of my favorite items that we use daily at my house and absolutely LOVE.

So, have fun perusing their site and if you, too, love any of the items you see above, go ahead and use puremamas at checkout for a good 15% off {wink}! Expires May 31st

Happy Weeekend! And while you're at it, LIKE them on facebook!

{1} organic aden anais swaddle blankets {2} mild unscented little twig baby wash {3} sustainable lollipop pants {4} yellow bloomer {5} recyclable bpa free bento lunch box {6} mod sippy cups {7}recyclable non-toxic bowl {8} recyclable non-toxic plate 

Cooked Food Week :: Day 2 :: Simple Berry Yogurt


I don't usually post about yogurt. But, today, I am. It's "NOT Raw Vegan" week...so, what can I say? I had bought an organic whole milk, high acidophilus yogurt from Whole Foods that came in a glass jar. It comes in a glass jar and has no sugar. It's SOUR, let me tell you. 

I threw it into my Vitamix, added fresh wild berries and raw honey! That's it. 

My oldest son LOVES yogurt but the poor guys rarely gets any. When he does, he likes it sour with some honey. I wanted him to get some fruit this time, hence the recipe. 

Our friends visiting were into this as well. 

You can add ice to the blender and drink it as a smoothie/yogurt drink. OR, make a wonderful popsicle out of it. 

This is particulary good for my son because he has a few stomach issues that he's had since birth and the live cultures seem to be beneficial. 


3c organic whole milk unsweetened yogurt 
1c organic wild berries {all/any kind}
1/4c honey or other sweetener
ice {optional}

Blend in high speed blender. DRINK or FREEZE to make popsicles. 

CUTCO Giveaway


Cutco makes the World's Finest Cutlery. Not only are they the sharpest and most durable, but they are made RIGHT HERE in America. This product is a must have for any chef, AKA Mom or Dad, that likes to chop, slice, spread and create healthy food. {and they also make amazing cookware, none of which contains any kind of teflon or nonstick}

Best of all, I'm giving away a 5" CUTCO Santuko knive. This knife's warranty is not only good for your life time, but also for that of your childrens' lifetime. In other words, they are guaranteed forever.

If it gets dull, breaks, melts {all of which are highly unlikely when taking care of it properly} you can just send it into the head quarters and they will fix it for you or even give you a brand new one.

Doesn't get much better than that!


1. Must follow PUREmamas on Twitter and/or LIKE us on Facebook

2. Tell us why you need this knife and what you will make with it.
Send via email deliciouskookies {at) gmail.com OR just write in the comments section.  

- GIVEAWAY CLOSES AUG 7th at 12 noon. 
- Knife will be mailed within 7 business days. 
- US residents only please. No Canada entries. Big SORRY!!!!
------> GOOD LUCK.