Cherry Zucchini Muffins with Goat Yogurt & Honey

So, it's a long long story, but in here's the short version for now....

I recently purchased some SaladMaster cookware through a friend who sells them. If you don't already know about this company and this type of waterless cooking, you really should enlighten yourself. It's much healthier for you and everything seems to cook really quickly at low temperatures. 

Anyways, I have been practicing and practicing the new cooking technique and let me tell you, it's been a long uphill battle. It should be fairly easy to follow a recipe but of course, seeing as though I don't follow recipes, I am pretty much SUCKING at it. Put it this way, this Cherry Zucchini Muffin recipe was originally intended to be a "healthy cake".

The idea with Saladmaster and other waterless cooking, is that you can bake cakes on the stove top in a pan in about 15 mintues at a low temp.

I've seen people do it and it totally works. The best part is that you don't need sugar or salt or any added oils. Just enough liquid, which in this case comes from the fruit and eggs or milk, so that the thing doesn't burn.  

I made up this recipe in my head {yeah, at times I'm very fortunate to have this skill but it can also be a mess sometimes} and tested it out in the pan. Well, something went wrong. Not quite sure what. The flavor was there, but the pan was burned and it didn't come out in the shape of a cake but rather a pile of chunky berry sand. 

So, I decided to revert back to "normal" baking and tweeked the recipe a bit...and, voila! Healthy, tasty, low-sugar, gluten-free, no oil, no egg muffins. PERFECT! 

And what better than my son's favorite snack - goat yogurt - to top them with!! So tasty and hearty for a great breakfast or snack. 

Muffin Recipe

1c almond flour
1c gluten-free baking flour mix
1/2 c coconut flour
1/2 xylitol
1 1/4 c cherries, chopped
1/4c zucchini, shaved
3/4 almond milk or water {or 3 eggs, beaten in a blow by hand}
2 Tbls local honey

coconut oil, for greasing the muffin pan. 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
In a bowl combine all the dry stuff - flour and xylitol. Set aside. 
Meanwhile, chop cherries into quarters. Using a grater, or a cheese shaver, grate zucchini. 
Mix zucchini, cherries and honey in a bowl but SAVE 5 TBLS for the top of each muffin. Add water or almond milk to flour mixture. Then add the cherry/zucchini mixture. 

Grease muffin tins/pan with coconut oil.

Using your fingers and a spoon, put a layer of freshly grated zucchini on top of each muffin. Like you would a frosting or topping. 

Bake for 25-30 minutes. 

Note: The muffins don't rise much, so fill the muffin tins until completely full. These are dense and filling muffins.

Topping / Frosting

1 container plain whole greek yogurt
2 tsp - 1 Tbls honey {to taste}

Blend honey and yogurt well. Top each muffin with honey yogurt when ready to eat.

Note: Don't top the muffins until you're ready, this is is important. You might want to store the muffins in a container or freezer, so leave the yogurt off. Once you are ready to eat them make more greek yogurt topping. 

20% Off | Smiling Planet | Darling Clementine {horray}


I have the pleasure of not only working with Lindsay from Darling Clementine again this week but Olivia Haviland too this time. Olivia is the owner of Smiling Planet. If you aren't familiar with her company, you really should be. 

You see, I was going to end this week with a long-winded post about plastic. Reminding everybody that chemicals are poison and plastic being one of the worst. I believe, as many others do as well, that most ailments, disease and health problems often go hand-in-hand with chemical and pesticide exposure. It's all around us. In everything we do, buy, clean, touch, and 

At home my kids have plastic toys and other plastic stuff. As mindful as we are, it's just so hard to stick to WOOD ONLY toys and glass bowls for meals. GLASS? Really? That wouldn't last long. We'd be buying new bowls every day. 

So, you could imagine my excitment when I came across these cool bowls and plates. Not only are they made from the hightest quality, non-toxic, medical grade plastic, they are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! 

OH and not only did I find out that Olivia's family LOVES kookie karma {her words, no joke}, she told me that her kids favorite health snack is an apple!

AND...of all her products her favorites are:

2) which of your products is your favorite?

"our circle of life plate, both boys and girls love it, i love the peaceful and whimsical quality of the drawings.

our wrap me not gift set which encourages parents to give the present as is. I really like the wrap me not manifesto on the side and the one can write the To:  and From: directly on the box."

She also reaffirms to me that

"the plastic (number #5) that we use is medical grade, so i know that it does not leach any harmfull chemicals. number #5 is regarded as a safe plastic by such leading authorities as healthy child healthy world, and the plastic we use is medical grade which adheres to higher standards than food grade. The decorations are printed sub-surface and not printed on top like most children's dinnerware. My daughters use them every day."

AND BEST OF ALL, LUCKY honor of this fun post today, Lindsay from Darling Clementine is offering 20% off all Smiling Planet products for PUREmamas readers! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO. I'm not kidding this the best news ever. So hurry up and enter PUREMAMAS at checkout and receive 20% off ... deal only lasts 2 weeks. 

THANK YOU LINDSAY! And thanks Olivia! We are SO excited. 


Homemade Miso Soup & Seaweed Salad :: Perfect Saturday Afternoon

A Spoon Full Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down!

 So, my son saw me taking some candida enzymes, probiotics and so on the other day. He must have suddently remembered that time last year when he was sick and got all kinds of fun medicine. He loved it because it was some sweet elderberry liquid stuff AND those sweet homeopathic tablets. He got very excited, gave me a fake cough and then said he was sick and needed medicine! SIGH!

I suddenly had an idea. 

I got out {of the trash} a liquid supplement jar and cleaned it out, taking off the label as well. I then filled it with some flax oil, vita mineral greens, touch of honey {yacon syrup}, liquid immune support, vitamin D and oil of oregano. Then I added my own label. 

Genius, right?! I guess it's not that ORIGINAL of an idea, remember that song, A Spoon Full Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down...? This idea has been around a long time, I guess.

Try it for yourself. Here is what I used {see image above}:

*vitamin D - liquid, 1 tsp
*vitamineral green powder - 1Tbls
*raw honey - 1 Tbls
*eidon liquid immune support - 1.5 Tbls
*flax oil, 2 Tbls {you can use coconut oil but it hardens when refrigerated}
*eidon liquid silica, 2 large squirts
*oil of oregano, 1 adult dose {this one tastes bad but with all that syrup, the taste should still be masked} -   optional - or you can substitute this for a probiotic powder

Stir it up really good and pour it into the bottle. Then, using a measuring cap, give your child a small amount. My son has been taking two a day! And he thinks it's the coolest thing ever. Roman, my 1 year old, had one for the first time as well. 

serving suggestion: 1 tsp, 1-2 times a day. 

This concoction will keep your kids healthy and immune systems up. You can leave out the oregano oil if you'd like to just use this as a daily vitamin and instead add probiotics. If you choose to do the probiotics, add that as you go. Don't keep it mixed in the bottle with the sugars. 

This combination of vitamins and greens gives your child a great combination of healthy omegas, essential minerals, green foods and vitamin D. 

note: the oregano and honey will keep it preserved for a while, but please store in refrigerator and don't keep there for longer than a week or two. 


The Well Being Journal & Fun Nutrition Facts

Goodness, there are soo many great things that I have been wanting to blog about lately. One is how fantastic I feel and look {haha} right now after 16 days of homeopathic cleansing and then now 7 days of candida diet. 

I have the whole family eating no juice or sugar or agave or fruit and we are LOVING it. All of us actually. My kids are acting much more calm and collected, that's for SURE. Of course carbs are very important so they are eating whole grains and some juice from the juicer as well as apple sauces.  

Anyways, more on that later. 

I want to share a few fun nutrition facts with you today! But first, I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite magazines/journals on the planet. It's a GREAT reference guide for health and eco planet info: 

The Well Being Journal. 

This journal is filled with the best research-based alternative health information/articles you'll ever find. I have been reading this magazine since I was 20 years old {my uncle got me hooked back then} and Kookie Karma used to actually advertise in their as well back in 2006/2007 when we used to advertise. 

I remembering falling in love with the magazine when I read an article years ago about how soy is actually bad for us. I thought "finally, somebody else thinks this too!!" I had a terrible hormone reaction to soy back then and this was the first place I'd read something about it. They are very ahead of the times when it comes to nutrition, vaccines, supplements, and so on.  

I picked up an old issue today, back from 2006. Coincidentally this issue has an article titled Nourishing Foods for a Growing Baby. It was fun to re-read, since back in 2006 babies weren't even on my radar. 

I collected a few interesting tips that I want to share with you from not only this journal but also from a few other candida and food books I've been reading lately:

GREAT reminders and things to think about. I love the comment about grains. We are taught that grains are the first foods that babies should eat and eggs should be the last. Also, garlic is something we would think to be off-putting for babies. Right?

Also, it's so true about breast feeding. The milk we give our babies is as good as what we put in our bodies. A great reminder to give yourself nourishing foods, too. 

OK, that's all for now. Have a lovely lovely day! It is a beautiful beginning of Fall here in SD. I'm loving every moment of it.