{No Bake} Ginger Cherry Bars

I woke up yesterday in the mood to bake. I wanted something for breakfast that was more on the sweet side than the savory side. I rummaged through the pantry looking for baking flour. I was going to make gluten-free muffins. Not sure which kind but something exciting.  

Well, I was all out of flour. So I grabbed almonds, gluten-free oats, GO RAW sprouted buckwheat groats {your pantry should always have this item stocked on hand} and dried cherries. What a great combo. Healthy, hearty and sweet!  And the best part of all - I didn't have to even bake them! 


Unfortunately, I didn't plan well and hence the photos I got weren't all that great. But at least you can get an idea. Right?  

They turned out so great that we actually don't have anymore left!! My kids ate almost all of them and I had about 3 for breakfast. WHOOPS!

Another unplanned moment of excitement was when I found a dark chocolate bar in my cupboard!! Woohoo!!! I decided to melt it in the oven and then dop the bars in the melted gooey chocolate. Yes!  


My boys were at school so it was just such a great way to unwind. I wish I had a su-chef here to help me with the dishes, but other than that, It was the perfect way to spend my alone time and again the bars turned out better than I could have expected. In fact, I was thinking "man, I could sell these bad boys"! But then I remembered I have already been-there-done-that! {wink} 

I highly recommend you try these bars. They are so wonderful to have around - just a quick snack or meal to grab on the go! BEWARE - in addition to being healthy, they are tasty and addicting. 

REMEMBER - the chocolate coating is optional. Although my kids thought it was the "best thing I've ever made" I didn't care for the chocolate. I don't love it as much as they do. They were better plain if you ask me. So, it's up to you.  

Ginger Cherry Bars {with chocolate coating}


1 cup gluten free oats

1 cup almonds, raw

1 cup GO RAW sprouted buckwheat/flax mix

1 cup dried cherries


1/3 cup liquid sweetener {agave, honey, maple syrup - I used ginger syrup again}

1/4 cup goat butter {room temp}

1 tsp powdered ginger

1 tsp grated fresh ginger

pinch sea salt


1 dark chocolate bar

anything else you might want to see on top - coconut, seeds, nuts, goji berries, etc. 

In a food processor combine the nuts and oats. Pulse for about 30 seconds on and off. Add cherries and repeat. Add the buckwheat groats and repeat.  

Go ahead and add the wet ingredients. Be sure goats butter is at room temp. You don't want it to be cold. Pulse again for a bit longer until everything is well mixed up. See my photo above to get an idea of how chunky it should be. 

Empty mixture onto a glass Pyrex style deep dish pan. Press it down until pan is covered. Lay ways paper over the mixture and press the mixture down using a flat, firm spatula until evenly spread. 

Refrigerate for at least and hour.  

Meanwhile melt the chocolate in the oven and while you're waiting maybe do all the dishes.  

Evenly pour the chocolate over the top of the bars {and sprinkle whatever toppings you'd like at this time. I used coconut.} and refrigerate again for about an hour. Bars can be cut into squares or long bars or even circles. Whatever you would like.