Honest Company :: Honestly Original

I was definitely intrigued when the founders of The Honest Company, Jessica Alba {actress & mother of two} and Christopher Gavigan's {author & father of two}, marketing person got in touch with me about not only testing out their products on my blog but about hosting a vlog with Jessica Alba as well. 

As an owner of a company myself, I was truly intrigued by the marketing strategies and immediate success they have seen upon launch. 

Besides not being certified organic, there is really nothing negative I can say about this company and its efforts to be sustainable, long-term, high design, and innovative. The structure of this company is unique. Unlike Kookie Karma, they don't sell to Whole Foods or other independent green kids stores. They sell only online. 

First you go on the computer { honest.com } and choose your favorite products that best suit your family. There is everyting from diaper rash creme to laundry detergent and diapers.

Every month, on pretty much the same day, you receive a package on your doorstep with your basic cleansing needs. GREAT IDEA!

Each time they deliver, they also donate a percentage to charity. Their charity of choice is Baby2Baby.org - which provides underpriviledged kids with food or necessities they might not otherwise get. GENIUS!

Check out The Honest Company online for more information about their sustainable mission. OR, better yet, stay tuned for the information vlog starring Jessica Alba herself, discussing the details of the company, their story and their dreams with The Honest Company. 

You can watch it right here on my blog on MARCH 20th, 2012: