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My goal is to never stop creating and sharing plant food recipes. I aspire to always empower people to be their unique self, find their passion and purpose and to live a healthy compassionate lifestyle. 

This blog a very kid-friendly and honest and humble place. Please come explore whole food, plant-filled food recipes without pressure, judgement or criticism. 

As a mom I know it's not easy to just whip up gourmet meals everything night. But my recipes are that often that simple. These recipes are quick to prepare, use simple ingredients that are totally interchangeable.

I do believe homemade is always better than canned or packaged. Kids' meals in particular. One of my passions is to create healthy recipes that help kids thrive - not just survive. 

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Currently I'm a journalist and blogger at BasilHealth and I have also done work with other like-minded companies such as The Chalkboard Mag, The Honest Company, JambaJuice and Whole Foods Market. My writing and/or recipes have been featured online via Huffington Post, The MotherList, Poppy&Seed, Barre3, Fitness Mag,  Prana Clothing, VUORI clothing, and more. 

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My Bio

In high school I was the head pastry chef at a popular coffee shop near my house. I have been obsessed with coffee, baking and vegetarianism since I was 13 years old. That's when I decided to stop eating meat. I loved baking so much that I used to have friends over before school started {yes it was still dark outside} for homemade lattes and scones.

But as a traditional style baker the healthy side of me would cringe as I would pour loads of sugar, white flour and vegetable oils into a bowl, bake it and then serve it to people as breakfast. Is this really what we eat for breakfast? Sugar and white flour? That always bothered me.

So throughout college I experimented with recipes, cooking for roommates and friends. I began making my own unique healthy cookies and muffins.

Out of high school I decided not to go to culinary school or focus on health food at all because I was afraid I would lose my passion for it. So it was just a hobby.

After graduating from UCLA school of communications {journalism} I couldn't deny my love for cooking any longer and started a vegan, gluten-free, organic snack food company, Kookie Karma, in Santa Monica, CA. Lesson: when you love doing something, you just can't ignore it. I am also a few classes shy of my Masters in Holistic Nutrition. 

Kookie Karma products were featured in Whole Foods Markets and select health food stores internationally. 

Now age 37 I'm living in Southern California with my tribe and cooking up a storm in my little kitchen. My kids now help me with cooking and are are on a unique health journey of their own. We all eat mainly plants at home.  

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